Many people who watch birds will have seen a Blackcap, quite often in a garden, and either the male with a black crowned head or the female with a rufous crowned one.  All the Blackcaps shown in this folio are males.

Blackcaps are one of the larger Warblers, and an increasing number do not migrate southwards over Europe but spend the winter in southern parts of Britain.


They are quite omnivorous during most of the year and so can sometimes be attracted for photographing with a piece of apple or some soft birdfat. Like many small birds their movements are quick, but they sometimes perch long enough for a potential good shot.

Catching one in flight can be difficult but is sometimes possible using flash, or alternatively by using an infrared beam arrangement which can be set up to fire the camera when a bird flies through the beam. When using these methods it is usually best to set the camera at fixed focus on the plain through which it is hoped birds will fly.

On a mossy branch
Male Blackcap in my garden
Blackcap near the cottage in Wales
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